Use ABC Player to listen to .abc files as they would sound in The Lord of the Rings Online's player music system. ABC Player is especially useful for previewing songs with multiple parts, to see how the parts sound with each other without having to get your band together in game.


Recommended Download
ABC Player v1.3.0 Installer 23.9MB
The installer will configure your computer to open .abc files using ABC Player.

ABC Player requires Java 7 or greater. You must have the 32-bit version of Java installed, even if you're running 64-bit Windows.

Advanced Download 23.3MB
All of the files needed to run ABC Player in a .zip, if you prefer not to use the installer, or want to try running ABC Player on another operating system (like 64-bit Java, MacOS, or Linux). ABC Player has not been tested to run on operating systems other than Windows, your mileage may vary.

How to use

Double-click on an .abc file in Windows Explorer to play it. You can also drag and drop an .abc file onto the player, or use File > Open.

If you have a multi-part song separated into multiple files, drag and drop all of the files in the song onto the player to open them as a single song.

You can paste ABC songs that you've copied out of a forum post or website (for example). Use Ctrl+V to paste a new song, or Ctrl+Shift+V to add the contents of the clipboard as a new part of the current song. The latter is useful when pasting a multi-part song from The Fat Lute.

You can export the song to a .wav (uncompressed audio) file using File > Save as Wave file. You can then use a program like LAME to convert the .wav file to .mp3.


Screenshot of ABC Player

This is what the song pictured above sounds like when played in ABC Player:

If you want to try the song yourself, download and either open it in ABC Player, or get 9 friends together and play it in LotRO.